The policy.xml file

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Xoc Software

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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<POLICY xmlns=""
    <!-- Generated by IBM P3P Policy Editor version 1.0 Beta build VAJ Build -->

    <!-- Expiry information for this policy -->
    <EXPIRY max-age="604800"/>

    <!-- Custom data elements defined by this policy. -->
    <DATA-DEF name="newdataset" short-description="New Data Set"></DATA-DEF>

    <!-- Description of the entity making this policy statement. -->
<DATA ref=""></DATA>
<DATA ref=""></DATA>
<DATA ref="">Xoc Software</DATA>

    <!-- Disclosure -->

    <!-- Disputes -->
        <DISPUTES resolution-type="service" service="" short-description="Dispute Resolution">
            <LONG-DESCRIPTION>We will work to resolve any issues with this privacy policy.</LONG-DESCRIPTION>

    <!-- Statement for group "Access log information" -->
        <EXTENSION optional="yes">
            <GROUP-INFO xmlns="" name="Access log information"/>

    <!-- Consequence -->
Our Web server collects access logs containing this information. We use it for maintaining and improving the web site.</CONSEQUENCE>

    <!-- Use (purpose) -->

    <!-- Recipients -->

    <!-- Retention -->

    <!-- Base dataschema elements. -->
    <DATA ref="#dynamic.clickstream"/>
    <DATA ref="#dynamic.http"/>
    <DATA ref="#dynamic.searchtext"/>

<!-- End of policy -->