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Xoc Software

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Xoc Software is a Kenmore, WA, USA based company that has been in business since 1992. The company president is Greg Reddick, a noted industry expert. Xoc Software specializes in training for programmers through well-known training companies. It is also known for developing a number of major programs. We specialize in "Lone Ranger" consulting: come in, save the day, get the heck out of town! Our prime technologies are the alphabet soup of Access, ASP, C, IIS, SQL Server, VB, VID, XPath, XML, XSL, and related environments.

We have done training for almost all of the Fortune 50 companies, as well as most of the major US government agencies, the Panama Canal Commission, and agencies in Canada through training companies such as AppDev.

Greg Reddick's profile can be found at