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Xoc Software

Other Xoc managed sites:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE links SYSTEM "links.dtd"[]>
   <group title=".NET">
      <link title=".NET Reflector" href="" />
      <link title="ASP.NET" href="" />
      <link title="cbrumme's CLR WebLog" href="" />
      <link title="CodeProject" href="" />
      <link title="Four Guys from Rolla" href="" />
      <link title="GotDotNet" href="" />
      <link title="OnDotNet" href="" />
      <link title="WebmasterWorld" href="" />
      <link title="" href="" />
   <group title="Auctions">
      <link title="eBay" href="" />
   <group title="Books">
      <link title="ABE Books" href="" />
      <link title="AddAll" href="" />
      <link title="" href="" />
      <link title="Barnes &amp; Noble" href="" />
      <link title="BiblioFind" href="" />
   <group title="Boxster">
      <link title="Porsche Pete's Boxster Board" href="" />
   <group title="Computer Support Sites">
      <link title="Dell Support" href="" />
   <group title="Finance">
      <link title="Fidelity" href="" />
      <link title="HarrisDirect" href="" />
   <group title="Hardware">
      <link title="" href="" />
      <link title="CableClub" href="" />
      <link title="Computer Geeks" href="" />
      <link title="NewEgg" href="" />
      <link title="PCConnections" href="" />
      <link title="PriceWatch" href="" />
      <link title="Reseller Ratings" href="" />
   <group title="Humor">
      <link title="Car Mods" href="" />
      <link title="Dilbert" href="" />
      <link title="The Darwin Awards" href="" />
      <link title="" href="" />
      <link title="BOFH" href="" />
      <link title="BBSpot" href="" />
   <group title="Internet Specifications and Tools">
      <link title="Internet RFCs" href="" />
      <link title="Port Check" href="" />
      <link title="Internet Course" href="" />
   <group title="Legal">
      <link title="Legal Resources" href="" />
      <link title="U.S. Legal Forms" href="" />
   <group title="Maya">
      <link title="Archaeology" href="" />
      <link title="FAMSI" href="" />
      <link title="PARI" href="" />
      <link title="Maya Meetings" href="" />
      <link title="Center for Archaeoastronomy" href="" />
      <link title="Journey through Tikal" href="" />
   <group title="Miscellaneous">
      <link title="IHOC" href="" />
      <link title="Post Modern Living Store" href="" />
      <link title="Floating Factory" href="" />
      <link title="Ski Free" href="" />
      <link title="Bandaras Square" href="" />
      <link title="The Dream Ranch" href="" />
      <link title="Coyboy Boomtown" href="" />
      <link title="Internet Explorer Settings" href="" />
   <group title="Movies">
      <link title="Area Movies" href="" />
      <link title="Internet Movie Database" href="" />
      <link title=" comparitive reviews" href="" />
      <link title="Rotten Tomatoes" href="" />
   <group title="Search Engines">
      <link title="About" href="" />
      <link title="AltaVista" href="" />
      <link title="AOL" href="" />
      <link title="Ask Jeeves" href="" />
      <link title="Fast Search" href="" />
      <link title="Google" href="" />
      <link title="HotBot" href="" />
      <link title="iWon" href="" />
      <link title="LookSmart" href="" />
      <link title="Lycos" href="" />
      <link title="MSN" href="" />
      <link title="NBCi" href="" />
      <link title="Open Directory Project" href="" />
      <link title="Overture" href="" />
      <link title="Teoma" href="" />
      <link title="Yahoo" href="" />
   <group title="Travel">
      <link title="Airport Status" href="" />
      <link title="American Airlines" href="" />
      <link title="Google Maps" href=",wa&amp;ll=47.741150,-122.246132&amp;spn=0.053101,0.099903&amp;hl=en" />
      <link title="jetBlue Airways" href="" />
      <link title="MapPoint" href="" />
      <link title="Northwest Airlines" href="" />
      <link title="NTSB Aviation" href="" />
      <link title="Seattle Traffic" href="" />
      <link title="Southwest Airlines" href="" />
      <link title="Terraserver" href="" />
      <link title="United Airlines" href="" />
   <group title="Web Logs">
      <link title="Fark" href="" />
      <link title="MetaFilter" href="" />
      <link title="Slashdot" href="" />
   <group title="Web Security">
      <link title="Microsoft Security" href="" />
      <link title="Risks Digest" href="" />
      <link title="W3C Security FAQ" href="" />
   <group title="Web Site Development">
      <link title="Bobby" href="" />
      <link title="CSS 1.0 Specification" href="" />
      <link title="DevX" href="" />
      <link title="ECMAScript (aka JavaScript) Specification" href="" />
      <link title="Enterprise Localization Toolkit" href="" />
      <link title="HTML 3.2 Specification" href="" />
      <link title="HTML 4.01 Specification" href="" />
      <link title="Mime Types" href="" />
      <link title="MSDN Library Online" href="" />
      <link title="Old Browsers 1" href="" />
      <link title="Old Browsers 2" href="" />
      <link title="Security" href="" />
      <link title="SGML" href="" />
      <link title="W3C" href="" />
      <link title="WDG HTML Validator" href="" />
      <link title="Web Site Garage" href="" />
      <link title="WebMasterWorld" href="" />
      <link title="XML 1.0 Specification (Annotated!)" href="" />