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First introduced in 1992, the Reddick VBA (RVBA) Naming Conventions have been published in a large number of books and magazines. They are used by thousands of programmers around the world for naming objects within their VBA code. These have now been supplemented by the RVBA Coding Conventions for how to organize the code itself, and the .NET Conventions, which are still in the works.

I encourage you to place a link to the conventions on your web site. An example for the hyperlink:

<a href="http://www.xoc.net/standards/">The Reddick Naming and Coding Conventions</a>

If your organization uses these standards, you may want to place a link from your intranet web site to this page for easy access to the most recent versions. You can republish the naming and coding conventions (at no cost) within your own publications by meeting a few simple rules.