Maya Calendar Program

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This award winning program covers every major calendar system used by the Maya and Western world.

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Use the Gregorian, Julian, Julian Day Number, Maya Long Count, Tzolk'in, Haab, Calendar Round, Lord of Night, all correlations, Short Count, 819 Day Count, Maya Day Number, Eclipse Station, Solar Abnodal, and Moon Age date systems. Find Maya dates, including Calendar Rounds, based on partial information. Cut and paste information into your word processor. Range far into the Old Era before the start of this creation.

Comes with a 44 page printed manual describing the date systems and the operation of the program.

Only $29.95, plus shipping and handling! (Shipping and handling $5.00 to locations in the U.S., $10.00 elsewhere.)

Register now and receive a free copy of Maya Calendar Version 3.0 when it is ready.

Download trial version of Maya Calendar 2.02 for any version of Windows.

Order online at:

See a description of the Maya calendar from the help file of the program.

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